Our goal is to offer an updated tool that allows you to display the list of properties from the web page of offices of affiliated property brokers anywhere in the world. This tool is what is known as an IDX.

“An IDX is a platform that translates information that comes from MLS mother databases ( that contains the list of all properties that are sold and purchased in the state of Florida, to a simple format and manageable by any user to help you search for properties. ”

Through the Magic Box, the user can search for properties with different fields that can filter the requested information to be displayed graphically and immediately.

In this way, prospects or clients may feel more confident in making an investment or purchase in a property in Florida, since they will be conducting searches from the website of their real estate agent, which will be able to show a list of about 100,000 properties updated EVERY DAY from our server.


Learn how to search properties in The Magic Box!
The magic box is a powerful property search engine that allows you to search actives MLS properties using different criteria like: city, bed, bath, price range, community, zip code, MLS#, and any combinations of any of these fields. The data is updated daily authorized by Florida Realtors through Starlink Realty Brokerage.


Updated everyday


– We are the only company that translate the SWFL MLS up to SIX languages using Google Translate.
– We update the database with more that 30.000 properties everyday.
– This is one of the fastest online search engines.
– Can be added to any web page platform.
– We charge the cheapest annual subscription price to any real estate agent of brokerage office.
– Our platform is responsive and can be used in any device.
– Seven different colors: White, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Green, Black

Carrousel Example

You can add as many properties you want in a carrousel including: Your Listing, Your broker office listing, Random properties from any city from South West Florida, and much more!

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